You already know about our new line-up, so we have so many things to do... but we were invited to Germany as the headliners at the Nuckostock Open Air See you on 26.08.2006 in Germany!!!
We have to change again line-up of AGONY. Too long time problems, different opinions for the band activities of Stanley (bass) and Fery (drums) were that main for my solution to say them good bye. But new members already are on the free posts. As for the bass, Deemon from the band GHARM and drummer Neznaboh (from the band DAATH).Mrcy
In the section Download you can find two new songs from album "My Turn To Die" which will be out through the label I.F.A. records in the half of December of 2004. Enjoy!!! We are preparing on the album new video, so stay in touch for another news from AGONY.
In the section Reviews you can find new voices from Serbia and from Germany. On the webpage Hard & Heavy online magazine you can find an interview with Agony by Dusan Petrov. This saturday we wil go to the studio to make a new record. There are names of new songs:
1.) Introduction
2.) Sometimes
3.) Stronger Than You
4.) Black Rose
5.) Welcome To My Empire
6.) Endless Remorses
7.) Whatever Shall I Do
8.) The Mirror Of The Night
9.) ...AloneI
10.) My Turn To Die
Agony will be recorded a new album during the November at the Hacienda studio. New CD, named "My Turn To Die" will be released through the label I.F.A records till the end of this year. ENJOY!!!
We have some new pictures for you in the section Gallery . Agony are preparing a new songs for the next album. It will be recorded during the autmn of this year. New stuff will be more faster and different of Call The Rain. ENJOY!!!
We put a new article from the Pull The Chain newsletter into the section Reviews . Read the last foreign voice on Agony's Call The Rain music.
On the webpage Fobia zine you can find an interview with Agony named "Agony aren't certainly in agony". Mrcy was replaying these questions, whole article you can find here .
We have to appologise for long delay with english version of our webpages, but now, we promised, during the month, all from sections will be actualized. From this day is online history of the band in the section Biography Thanx for understanding & STAY IN AGONY FOREVER!!!
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