"Face Of Death" "Face Of Death" MC (Inssania record)
track list:
Inner Insanity, Out Of Life, Dying Heart, Bad Religion, Euthanasia, Interment Alive, Léthe (instrumental)
Mrcy - guitar, voc., Viky - bass, P.A.T. - guitar, Rob - drums
recorded: 8.9. - 13.9.1995 PS Studio Moravské Budějovice,
production: Pavel Szabó & Agony,
a date of releasing: 10/1995
First demo tape is possible to characterise as the mix between old school of thrash metal with some influences from melodic death metal. Thanks to poor conditions this demo was recorded in amateur studio, so final sound has very bad quality. Next problem, it was label, which released only 50 copies with no promo actions. For the next development in style of music the band didn't consider this demo like official stuff of AGONY, so this record is without any reviews and voices.
"The Abandonment" "The Abandonment" MC (Self produced)
track list:
Rest In(tro) Peace, F.T.F.T.D., Believer, Purification Of Soul, Immortal, Skyline From Silence, The Abandonment, Quo Vadis (...In Sleep) - 43:13 min
Mrcy - guitar, voc., Viky - bass, Martin - keys, Michal - drums
special guests: Kamil - violin, Richard - voc
recorded: 18.11. - 24.11.1996 R.S. Megasound (Havlíčkův Brod)
production: Agony date of releasing: 16.12.1996
The demo tape "THE ABANDONMENT" is the first official record of AGONY. Here possible to hear a different sound of the band, different kind of the style of music including rapidly to melody doom metal.These songs were recorded after some changings of the line-up and the name AGONY started to appear on world undeground scene as the new hope from Czech bands.
"Black Velvet" "Black Velvet" split 7"EP (Obscene prod.)
track list:
Black Velvet part I, Black Velvet part II
Mrcy - guitar, Viky - bass, Martin - keys, Tom - drums, Richard - voc
special guest: Kamil - violin,
recorded: 19.5. - 20.5.1997 R.S. Megasound (Havlíčkův Brod)
production: Agony date od releasing: 8/1997
t was very good idea from Curby (OBSCENE PROD.) to put one song on the other side of vinyl with famous great czech mags named FORGOTTEN SILENCE. AGONY have taken this offer at once to give out a small starter before the releasing of MCD through the same label. AGONY made the recording for the first CD in these times and that is way they recorded one new song called Black Velvet which is here presented with keys intro as the part one of this song.
"...From Red Heaven" "...From Red Heaven" MCD/MC (Obscene prod.)
track list:
The Scream Of Angels, When Moon's Dying..Your Beauty Fades, Losing Eternity, Under A Killing Dark Sun, Dirge Of Fallen Gods - 19:13 min
Mrcy - guitar, Viky - bass, Martin - keys, Tom - drums, Richard - voc
special guests: Kamil - violin, Dáša - voc
recorded: 18.5. - 25.5.19'97 R.S. Megasound
production: Agony & Megasound date of releasing: 18.12.1997
Again with new line-up AGONY recorded the stuff for the first MCD. Hre is possible to see development from the last demo tape. The band has improved the compositions, arranges and feelings of every song. AGONY have found own face and style to play with emotions and contasts. First time you can listen female vocals which filled up final atmosphere of this record. The music on this record is the one best proof and AGONY are included in the one of the best Czech bands.
"Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust" "Ashes To Ashes, Dust To Dust" CD/MC (SHEER records)
track list:
Introduction, Trilogy Of Doom: I. Chapter Of Blood, II. Chapter Of Destiny, III. Chapter Of Salvation, Skyline From Silence, Autos Da Fé, Black Velvet, Darkness, Sadness & Pain (the fadeless), In The Army Now - 44:15min
Mrcy - guitar, Viky - bass, Martin - keys, Tom - drums, Richard - voc
special guests: Kamil - violin, Dáša - voc
recorded: 5.9 - 18.10.1998 studio Pierot, Mediatech
production: Jan Andrle & Václav Vlachý date of releasing: 27.2.1999
The first long-played album opens new chapter in the history of the band. New stuff is the picture of the face of AGONY in these times with two older songs but played with new sound and arranges. New stauuf is more aggressive but still full of melody and melancholy moods with basic elements which are typical for the sound and style of AGONY.
"In Nomine..." "In Nomine..." (Self produced PROMO STUFF)
In Nomine...- 3:39 min
Mrcy - guitar & voc, Tom - drums, Standa -bass & voc, Elvis - keys, Milan - guitar, Kristin - female voc.
recorded: 15.9.2001 Studio Hacienda
production: Agony & František Musel
Song "in Nomine..." recorded with a new line-up was making for promo activities to get a deal for the next long-played album and for compilation TEMNO II of label I.F.A. records. with another bands from Czech and from outside. New sound, new kind of music, more melodic parts, it will be a new face of AGONY!!!
"Call The Rain" "Call The Rain" CD (I.F.A. records)
track list:
From Dusk Till Dawn, Doom Theatre, 4 U, Winter Flower, Dream Way, In Nomine..., Last Wish, Call The Rain, bonus track: Skyline From Silence (version 2003), Mad Theatre (MPEG) - 33:00min
Mrcy - guitar, Tom - drums, Standa - bass, Milan - guitar, Petra - keys, female voc.
special guest: Elvis - keys
recorded: January 2003 Studio Hacienda production: František Musel & Agony
mastering: Miloš Dodo Doležal date of releasing: 15.3.2003
The second long-played album shows some specific deflection from doom metal and with new sound it breaks the borders between the music styles. Who was awaiting any second part from the times of Ashes, maybe will be a bit dissapointed, but still here is possible to hear old face of AGONY.Video bonus of this CD is MPEG file named "Mad Theatre" with some moments from studio during the recording. All with the crystal sound from the factory of sound magician Milos DODO Dolezal.
"My Turn To Die" "My Turn To Die" CD (I.F.A. records)
track list:
Whatever Shall I Do, ...Alone, The Mirror Of The Night, Sometimes, Endless Remorses,
Stronger Than You, Welcome To My Empire, My Turn To Die, Black Rose, Outro - 39:44min
Mrcy - guitar & voc., Stanley - bass & voc., Milan - guitar,
Petra - keyboards & voc., Fery - drums
recorded: November 2004 Studio Hacienda production: František Musel & Mrcy
mastering: Miloš Dodo Doležal date of releasing: 17.12.2004
The third long-played album breaks all borders of music styles and now it is possible to talk about melodic death metal genre.Fast temps are showing till this time hiden face of Agony. Again very good sound, perfect mastering. Ferocity, speed & melody, three words for characterzing this new album, releasing through the label I.F.A. records. ENJOY!!!
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